Scoprite i nostri liquori e assaporate un’esperienza aromatica 100% Dolomiti.

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  • Cesto Arcadia 2021
    Dolomits for present

    Quality flavors and aromas to bring the Dolomites to the table.

  • Edelweiss Liqueur

    pine boxed set edition
    with 8 Alpine Stars
    Agordino walnut keychain
    Venice seaweed paper parchment
    numbered bottle
    liquor 30% Vol. / 0.5 lt

    Lemon Verbena and Laurel liquor

    30% Vol. / 0,5 lt

  • Laurus nobilis

    Already known in Greek and Roman times, consecrated to the god Apollo, it was the symbol of poetry, glory, victory and peace.

  • Aloysia Citrodora by Arcadia
    Aloysia citrodora

    .. or herb of Maria Luigia, perseghina herb, lemongrass, lippia, aloisio, piscella herb… Verbena odorosa is a plant with many names, but its cedar fragrance is unmistakable.

  • lavanda angustifolia
    Due to the valuable characteristics of the inflorescences, lavender has always had a large popular use for imparting a pleasant scent to freshly laundered linens, as a repellent for clothes moths.
    The strong scent of the plant makes it one of the most intense of aromatics.
  • Melissa officinalis

    The name Melissa (from ancient Greek: μέλισσα, “bee”) was given because of the preference of bees to visit its flowers.
    Its use in therapy spread between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance .

  • Mentha spicata

    fresca ed essiccata

  • Mentha piperita

    fresca ed essiccata

  • Origanum vulgare

    From the Latin name meaning “splendor of the mountain.”

  • Leontopodium alpinum

    The queen of the Alps, a rare flower that bravely lives in the most inaccessible places on earth.

  • Rosmarinus officinalis

    From Latin for “sea dew,” it accompanied our ancestors from the cradle because of its supernatural virtues of appeasing evil spirits and gods.