To nourish our body and soul using natural products allows us to take care of our well-being, have respect for ourselves and improve the quality of our life. Arcadia plants are grown without haste and in harmony with nature, their properties are kept intact ready to be used for the care of our body and the delight of our palate.

Our plants are available depending on the season, starting from Spring 2021.
Our Herbarium is available online for illustrative purposes.

Among our rows you can find

Cooking with Herbs

Utilizing Arcadias’ herbs in your kitchen means to give your dishes a distinct fragrant character that immediately brings back the scents and flavors of our mountains and forests.

To adopt aromatic plants instead of fats is healthier as well as it is a good way to keep the spirit alive!
Arcadia products can be used fresh, dried, cooked or added to your dishes as a last finishing touch. It is up to the cook’s fantasy and imagination to create new and tasty recipes!


In the kitchen

Body and Wellness

The healing use of aromatic and officinal plants lies its roots in antique traditions linked above all to Ancient Greece where the knowledge of plants mixed with medical-philosophical theories.

Specially, they can be used for medicinal, phytotherapeutic, herbal, liqueur, flavouring, hygienic, perfumer and cosmetic purposes.(note*)


Officinal features

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