Lemon Verbena and Laurel liquor


30% Vol. / 0,5 lt


the Liquor

Alcoholic strength: 30% vol

Tasting notes:  Fresh and citrusy aroma, soft and spicy on the palate

Ingredients: water, alcohol, sugar, lemon verbena, laurel and herbs

Suitable: smooth as an amaro, in coffee correction or as a punch, surprising in mixology

Service: at room temperature in winter, cold or iced in other seasons


Otium was created by combining the best leaves of Lemon Verbena and Laurel from our farm and the essences of our herbs.

The leaves are selected by hand, following an agriculture in harmony with the mountains and the seasons. From production to the bottle, at Arcadia everything is done with love and attention to detail as much as to the environment.



Its original citrus aroma combines with the scent of the Dolomites, where it was born. The recipe for Otium is brought to fruition through the use of key alpine botanicals, such as Juniper, which make this liqueur unique.

Otium is perfect after typical mountain meals, thanks to the digestive properties of its botanicals.



Fresh and lemony, then pleasantly surprising you with its spicy roundness when all the essences melt on your palate.
Otium is a perfect blend of unique flavours that will accompany you while reading on the sofa as much as on remote alpine paths.
An original recipe to lull about without compromise.

Otium, abandon yourself to leisure!

Associazione Nazionale AMARO D'ITALIA
Qualità e autenticità sono garantite dal circuito Amaro d’Italia.

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Where to find

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The Spritz from the Dolomites

Inspired by the place where we are located, the Dolomites, we experimented with a new type of Spritz with our Otium and here we suggest our own recipe.

The Recipe

1/4 Otium

2/4 sparkling white wine

1/4 soda

Mint leaf

ghiaccio a piacere

The Recipe

1/4 Otium

2/4 sparkling white wine

1/4 soda

Mint leaf

ice cubes

Who knows, maybe some famous writer will fall in love of this Spritz and that, closing his eyes and enjoying it see the breathtaking panorama from our mountain!


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Ode to Leisure

Leisure is a moment dedicated to positive relaxation,
to a different activity, which is no longer about work fatigue
but gives space to the free development of human potential.
Leisure is a quiet period dedicated to cultivating our creativity,
to stimulate our imagination, to rethink the dreams of the night,
to listen to music.
Leisure is a non-physical place where art and virtue reside,
As the revolutionary Lafargue said, it’s ‘the balm for personal anxieties’.
Leisure is a human need to clarify the unconscious,
to return to childhood and to feel at one with nature.
With this philosophy, Otium was born,
the liqueur that combines the fresh aroma of lemon verbena with the essence of
with the essence of bay laurel, to be savoured
in the moments dedicated to your sacred leisure.

Otium, abandon yourself to leisure!

Intervals of lucidity in the turmoil of life.

Ambrose G. Bierce1842 – 1914

I leisure with dignity.
It does not seem to me a free man who does not leisure from time to time.

Cicero106 a.C. – 43 a.C.

Leisure is the principle of all vices,
the crowning of all virtues.

Franz Kafka1883 – 1924
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