Lemon Verbena and Laurel liquor


30% Vol. / 0,5 lt


Hand-selected leaves

To guide you in the magical moment dedicated to your well-deserved leisure, Arcadia selects the very best leaves of Lemon Verbena and Laurel from our own fields.

The Recipe

Lemon Verbena, formerly used as a love elixir, mixes its strong lemon scent in the Otium symphony with the balsamic taste of Laurel, a plant always known as ‘divine’ and often associated with historical and mythological events.

The Otium recipe is completed by the use of two fundamental ingredients which make this liqueur unique: Moroccan Mint and Juniper.

The Taste

The taste of Otium is a real awakening of the senses: its green color introduces a moment of serenity, the scent of lemon stimulates the imagination and begins your journey…

Fresh, sweet and aromatic notes awaken the unconscious, sensations of warmth and hints of distant places connect us with the nature that surrounds us, making us enjoy our well-deserved leisure.

This is…

Otium, abandon yourself to leisure!

Leisure is a moment devoted to positive lull, to a different activity that's no longer about work fatigue but gives space to free development of human potential.

Leisure is a quiet period engaged to cultivate our creativity, to stimulate our imagination, to rethink the dreams made at night, to listen to music.

Leisure is a non-physical place where arts and virtues reside and, as the revolutionary Lafargue said, it's ‘the balm to personal anxieties’.

Leisure is a human need to clarify the unconscious, return to childhood and feel connected with nature again.

With this philosophy, Otium was born, the liqueur that combines the fresh aroma of Lemon Verbena
with the essence of Laurel, to be tasted in the moments dedicated to your sacred Leisure.

Ingredients: alcohol, sugar, infusion of Lemon Verbena, Laurel and aromatic herbs.
Product from Dolomites, unfiltered, the color varies naturally.

30% Vol. / 0,5 lt

Spritz Dolomiti

Inspired by the place where we live, the Dolomites, we experimented with a new type of Spritz and here we suggest our personal recipe.
Who knows whether some contemporary writer will fall in love with this Spritz and, closing his eyes and savouring it, he views the breathtaking panorama that can be admired from our mountain!

  • 1/4 Otium
  • 2/4 sparkling white wine
  • 1/4 soda
  • 1 leaf Lemon Verbena
  • ice at will

We are waiting for your personal feedback! Write us and send us photos of your Spritz Dolomites.. or your new drink’s recipe with Otium!

Breaks of clarity in life's confusions.

Ambrose G. Bierce1842 – 1914

I leisure with dignity.
I think someone who doesn't lull from time to time isn't a free man.

Cicero106 a.C. – 43 a.C.

Leasure is the principle of all vices,
the crowning of all virtues.

Franz Kafka1883 – 1924
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