Edelweiss Liqueur


pine boxed set edition
with 8 Alpine Stars
Agordino walnut keychain
Venice seaweed paper parchment
numbered bottle
liquor 30% Vol. / 0.5 lt

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Created by Arcadia each summer in a limited edition,
Astrum guards the soul of the most extraordinary and rare flower in the Alps.

The Experience

An ode to summer, Astrum is an extraordinary infusion that captures the essence of the season’s finest moments. The small flower that can be served by the goblet is the pass for your sense of smell and your memories.
Astrum should be savored slowly as the drops on the palate accompany you to the high altitudes, the precious Stars evoking the warmth of the sun and the beauty on the peaks.

The Bouquet

Its fragrance comes from the exquisite nectar of the world’s rarest and most precious flower.
Astrum has an aromatic taste with a delicate, slightly sweet finish.
Its bouquet is like wrapped in a dream: a true nectar, a honey for the senses as the taste of sun, wind and snow unfolds from each drop.
A treasure for lovers of good taste, who will be able to enjoy a real treat.

The Liquor

Astrum is made from the infusion in pure alcohol of hand-picked flowers in the Dolomites.

To maintain the freshness and purity of their essence, we harvest the Edelweisses in their first week of flowering.

Produced in limited edition for a total of 80 bottles in the year 2022.
A rarity for those who appreciate the refined elegance of a high jewel that has always fascinated.

Housed in a gilded solid wood casket, Astrum’s bottles are numbered, certified in a Venice seaweed paper scroll and accompanied by 8 Alpine Stars to collect, give as gifts or for exclusive infusions.


Added to this year’s edition is a wooden keychain made by a craftsman from Agordino, so you can always have a reminder of the Dolomites with you.


Astrum encapsulates
all the beauty and magic
Of the most precious stars.
Savor with every drop
The essence of the Dolomites.

Astrum, flower of youth.


Io modesto? É il solo difetto che mi onoro di non avere.

G. D'Annunzio1863 – 1938

La giovinezza è felice, perché ha la capacità di vedere la bellezza. Chiunque conservi la capacità di cogliere la bellezza non diventerà mai vecchio.

Franz Kafka1883 – 1924
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Only 29 left in stock