Origanum Majorana

Used by the Greeks, recommended by Arab scholars, cultivated in Ancient Egypt where it was known as the Plant of Osiris. Today, among the high-class herbs , prevalent in the graded savory cuisine.

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Perennial suffrutice. There are countless confusions between the organ and marjoram: if the leaves are grayish and velvety, it is certainly marjoram; if they are green and covered with hair, it is oregano.
The calming and expectorant action of marjoram is due to its high content of essential oils, which in high doses become narcotic.

Infuso di Maggiorana

10-15g di sommità fiorite secche in acqua bollente, lasciar riposare per 5-10 minuti, filtrare. 2-3 Tazze al dì.

Infusion of Marjoram

10-15g dried flowering tops in boiling water, let stand for 5-10 minutes, strain. 2-3 Cups per day.

In Cucina

Nei cibi cotti, da aggiungere a cottura compiuta, onde non disperderne l’aroma.

Ottimo ingrediente in abbinamento con:

In the Kitchen

In cooked foods, to be added when the cooking is done so as not to lose the aroma.

Excellent ingredient in combination with:

Wellness and Health

Its essential oils are known with properties:

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