Lemon Verbena

Aloysia citrodora

.. or herb of Maria Luigia, perseghina herb, lemongrass, lippia, aloisio, piscella herb… Verbena odorosa is a plant with many names, but its cedar fragrance is unmistakable.


L'Erba Luigia

Among the virtues of its scent, Lemon verbena is considered antinarcotic, activating mental faculties and memory, as well as a sense of spiritual clarity, and to overcome fatigue.
The strong presence of essential oils makes it, like lavender, a natural repellent for clothes moths.


Associata al thè, ne modifica piacevolmente aroma e gusto. Si può anche apprezzare da sola, 10 foglie per tazza.

Nel bucato

In sacchetti di tela per profumare biancheria e cassetti.


Associated with tea, it pleasantly modifies its aroma and taste. It can also be appreciated on its own, 10 leaves per cup.

In the laundry

In cloth bags for scenting linens and drawers.

For Cooking

Excellent ingredient in combination with:

Wellness and Health

Its essential oils are known with properties:

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    Lemon Verbena and Laurel liquor

    30% Vol. / 0,5 lt