Arcadia Gift Box

Dolomits for present


Quality flavors and aromas to bring the Dolomites to the table.

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The gift from the lands of Arcadia

Inside the basket you will find a selection of products characteristic of Arcadia:

  • the ever-present liquor Otium, to cuddle you on the sofa and stimulate your senses;
  • two bags of aromatic herbs;(including Rosemary, Sage, Laurel, Mint and Oregano), for warm infusions or as a special touch to your dishes;
  • a package of Lavender scented, in a cotton bag specially designed to release its fragrance wherever you want…
  • and at the end , an Edelweiss, so rare and precious, to give to those you love.

All is packed in a jute basket lined with organic cotton, which can then be reused fro Food or as a handy storage rack.


Give the Dolomites with an unforgettable gift!

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