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Why Arcadia?

Because we enhance the beneficial properties of little-known herbs.

Because we spread a culture of taste.

Because we are an example of alternative and environmentally sustainable entrepreneurship.

Our Values


Our products are respectful and natural: their growth followsextensive, sustainable agriculture free of chemicals and pesticides.


We ensure the utmost care of our plants by focusing on their multifunctionality and natural development according to the seasons.


Our plants can be used for processing for medicinal, phytotherapeutic, herbal, liquor, flavoring, hygienic, perfumery and cosmetic uses.

Your Guarantees

Herbs are produced according to the PPL system of the Veneto Region, with guaranteed quality standards and health regulations.


Otium is a product associated of Amaro d’Italia .

Associazione Nazionale AMARO D'ITALIA
For bars, caterers, restaurants, laboratories and herbalists

Arcadia together

Arcadia is here to fulfill your idea and your customers’ demands.

If at the core of your profession is the use of quality, natural and environmentally friendly products, you are in the right place.

Together we can study what is best for you and your business.

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