About Us

The Aromatic Farm

Arcadia sales plants by weight, via e-commerce and on-site retail, of dried aromatic and medicinal herbs; wholesale sale of fresh and dried herbs; production and sale of liqueurs; combined products and blends for herbal teas, infusions, condiments for different uses.

In the garden of Arcadia people love to cultivate the land with calm, patience and care following its natural cycle, savoring and enjoying its intrinsic beauty.

Our Mission

Arcadia produces healthy, natural, safe and eco-friendly products as it has the utmost respect for the environment in which it is located. Thus ensuring to all customers the quality and care of their plants by focusing on their versatility and their multifunctional use.

Eco? Logic!

Born from natural seeds, Arcadia cultivates and sells aromatic and medicinal herbs without the help of pesticides or chemicals additives, just following the phases of the moon and respecting the natural biodiversity of the alpine area guaranteed by the adjacent Belluno Dolomites’ National Park.

Arcadia products are environmentally friendly, not altered in their essence, and have the purpose of improving the quality of life of those who use them, in order to rediscover the value and multifunctionality of aromatic and officinal herbs.

The Pale Mountains

At the entrance to the Parco delle Dolomiti Bellunesi , Arcadia is located on the Col di Roanza , a mountainous area at the foot of Monte Serva with a exceptional view of the Monti del Sole and the Schiara group.
We are located in the Veneto region, in the southern sector of the province of Belluno , less than one hundred kilometers from the famous and historic Venice .

Who we are

“In this magnificent place we experienced how fertile and luxuriant nature is on this side of the mountain. We have invested our time and energy building everything from nothing.
We reap the fruits that nature offers us, and if we follow the rhythm of the seasons and the moon, the crops are more than abundant. We offer the fruit of our work, of our time, of our land.
We spent the first few months in the fields tilling, planting poles, putting up nets, building the irrigation system, protecting everything from wild animals and now we are ready to introduce you to Arcadia . “

Andrea Barzaghi


Simon Pilati





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Thanks to

Alone, Arcadia would not have been possible.
We want to thank here:

Wilma, Laura and Orazio, Marzia and Marco, Sandro, Sophie, Stefano, Michele, Franz, Alberto and Rocco, Pietro and Giulia, Fabio, Mauro, Christian.